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  • “There is a unity and bond that you don’t see in other schools. Every teacher knows each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and their goal is to make sure each kid has the necessary tools in their tool belt to proceed onto high school and make a name for themselves out in the world.” (graduate from 2012)

  • “SJF has superb leadership. Merrit Holub sets the tone for teachers, students, communication, overall organization and strategic direction. We have always felt that if you have excellent leadership, great organizations emerge. I think that has been so true for SJF; it is thriving community where our son got a rigorous education.” (SFJ Parent)

  • “St. John Fisher has provided me with the best suited teachers for each subject who challenge us, and push us every day.” (graduate from 2011)

  • “I so appreciated that the leadership body appreciated my “non-Catholic” voice. It was not a closed community and the leadership has been open to new thoughts and approaches and, well, impressions from each of us. It was good to be a colorful thread in the fabric of the community but not be the most bold block of color.” (SJF Parent)

  • “Throughout my years at St. John Fisher, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to develop and grow with the new knowledge that I can make a difference in the world, even if it only starts with one person.” (graduate from 2012)