Principal’s News

Olivia Arntson-Fettig is “Principal for the Day” on February 13th. As a member of the second grade class, I declare the following:

2nd grade has free dress all week (February 9-13)
*Monday: Free dress
*Tuesday: Wear your favorite sports team gear
*Wednesday: Mass Day “Nice” Free Dress for Church
*Thursday: Pajama Day
*Friday: Free dress for the entire school!
2nd will watch a teacher-approved video some time during the week
2nd will have limited homework packet for the week

As principal, there are many important duties for us to handle during the day. To help ensure us complete attention to these duties, Mrs. Holub will take my place in the second grade class while we spend time overseeing business, meeting with teachers and creating important memos in the Principal’s office. And, of course, for lunchtime on Friday, I will each invite two classmates to join us in the faculty room for a special catered lunch!
Principal Olivia Arntson-Fettig