Principal’s News Week of April 20th

In the spirit of summer weather coming this weekend, I wanted to take this time to update you on faculty and staff changes for the 2015-16 academic year:

Middle School Math and 8th grade Religion: As mentioned earlier this year, Mrs. Debbie Grbavac, long-time middle school math and 8th grade religion teacher wrapped up her teaching career this past Friday. Beginning in September, I am happy to announce that our current 5th grade homeroom and 8th grade algebra teacher, Mr. Scott Osborne, will be teaching a section of 5th through 8th grade math courses along with a new design focused middle school rotation and an art elective. Filling in the role of 8th grade religion, our own Deacon Scott, current 7th grade religion teacher, will teach 7th and 8th grade religion and partner with Mr. Osborne to teach grade-level 8th grade math and a middle school rotation.

Hot Lunch: Our own long-time hot lunch staff member, Mrs. Cathy Douglas, will retire this June. We will be posting for a hot lunch staff member this week.

5th grade homeroom: With Mr. Osborne moving up to the middle school with his current fifth grade class, we will be hiring a new teacher to take on our 5th grade homeroom and the second half of the math class (we will split the 5th grade up into 2 groups next year to allow for smaller group instruction in preparation for middle school).

We give our most sincere gratitude and thanks to Mrs. Grbavac and Mrs. Douglas for their service to SJF. If you know of any teachers and/or individuals interested in the open positions, please have them send me a resume and cover letter. As we hire for these vacancies, I will keep you updated.