Principal’s News Week of Oct. 6th

A Note From Our Principal:
Happy October SJF Families! Over the course of the past few weeks, I received notice from a number of families regarding concern for safety during pick up/drop off due to individuals not following the correct drop off/pick up procedures. In an effort to provide a safe environment for our students, as well as to accommodate the needs of our parent volunteers and visitors to St. John Fisher during school hours, we ask that you please follow these very important guidelines for the safety of everyone:
Each morning drop off: There are 2 options for drop off: car line or park and walk student(s) to school doors/classroom. Parents may enter from either the 45th or Vermont Street entrance in order to drop off students in front of the school. If entering from Vermont Street, you will need to proceed up the driveway and go through the breezeway. Do not head behind the church building (like at pick up) due to walkers leaving our parish morning Mass and students walking to school. If you are utilizing drop off, please wait for your car to be one of the first 3 in the drop off lane to ensure we can see all students exiting cars. Additionally, starting tomorrow, we will be putting up traffic cones along the first set of parking spots to avoid a third drop off lane. We recognize closing this newly formed lane may increase the time it takes to get through the drop off time, but feel it is necessary to ensure a safe traffic route for walkers and parents who are parking and walking the students to class.
For afternoon pick-up: Parents may enter from either the 45th or Vermont Street entrance. If entering from Vermont Street, you will need to proceed behind the church building and then join the double line of cars (as indicated by the striped lanes and arrows) and wait in line to have your student(s) brought to your vehicle once you are in front of the school. This procedure applies to all students at all grade levels, K-8. Exceptions include: (1) those students who are registered in the Extended Care program; and (2) those students whose parents walk to the main entrance of the school building in order to accompany them personally to their vehicle, should the parent choose to park instead.
In closing, as a general rule of thumb, please drive cautiously and be aware of the surroundings during drop off and pick up. We ask that if you bring your pet or cell phone with you to pick up/drop off your child, please leave the pets in the car and cell phones off to avoid distractions and maintain safety. Thank you for helping to keep our students, faculty, staff and parents safe on campus.