Principal’s News Week of Nov. 24th

A Note From Our Principal:
As your family prepares for the Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday, I would love to share the prayer our 8th grade students led us in during our school Thanksgiving celebration this past Wednesday. Blessings to you all on this holiday!

A Thanksgiving Blessing

May an abundance of gratitude burst-forth as you reflect upon what you have received.

May thanksgiving overflow in your heart, and often be proclaimed in your prayer.

May you gather around the table of your heart with faithfulness, kindness and goodness of each person who is true to you.

May the harvest of your good actions bring forth plentiful fruit each day.

May you discover a cache of hidden wisdom among the people and events that have brought you distress and sorrow.

May your basket of blessings surprise you with its rich diversity of gifts and its opportunities for growth.

May all that nourishes and restores your life bring you daily satisfaction and renewed hope.

May you slow your hurried pace of life so you can be aware of, and enjoy, what you too easily take for granted.

May you always be open, willing, and ready to share your blessings with others.

May you never forget the Generous One who loves you lavishly and unconditionally.