SJF 11-20-18 SAM


Everything You Wanted To Know

Week of November 19, 2018


A Note from our Principal:

As your family prepares for the Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday, I would love to share the prayer our middle school leadership elective led us in during our school Thanksgiving celebration this past Thursday. Blessings to you all on this holiday!


Heavenly Father, as we gather at this very special Thanksgiving Feast,

            we thank you for the blessings you have given us each and every day.

            We are thankful for safety in our country, homes, and schools, allowing

            us to do our best in every aspect of our lives. We have so many men and

            women risking their lives to protect us every day.


            We thank you for shelter.There are some children who don’t have a nice

            house to come home to. We are so thankful we can sleep in a warm bed

            every night. We thank God for our homes.

            We are thankful for food because it provides us with energy so we can do

            the things we like to do.


           We thank you for family. They guide us and comfort us. They also give us

            the tools we need to succeed in life.


            We thank you for freedom. We have the right to believe in our God. We

            also have the right to be who we are.


            We are thankful for our friends, who make everyone here feel loved and

            included. Our friends are always there for us. Thank you for blessing us

            with such wonderful people to be our friends.


            We thank you for education and the opportunities we have been given: the

            wonderful school be are blessed to attend, our teachers who support us

            daily and help us become the best people we can be and the welcoming

            community of SJF and everything we have been blessed with throughout

            our school year.


            We are thankful for our health. Thank you, God, for providing the things

            necessary for us to have healthy lives.


            We are blessed to have God in our lives, protecting us with his strength

            and knowledge and for always opening up his loving arms to us when we

            come to him for guidance.


            For all these blessings, we thank you.



Tuesday 11/20: No regular hot lunch but Raul’s Family Mexican jog-a-thon prize lunch for all, LAST DAY TO ORDER DECEMBER HOT LUNCH

Wednesday 11/21: Noon dismissal for Thanksgiving holiday

Thursday 11/22: Thanksgiving Day – no school

Friday 11/23: No School, Happy Birthday Chef Kris!


Monday 11/26: 3:15-4:15 pm Gr 3-5 Printing Club, 3-3:45 pm Gr 3-5 Study Hall

Tuesday 11/27: 1:00 pm 3rd Gr at Reconciliation

Wednesday 11/28: 8:30 am School Mass (4th Gr), 3:00 pm Spanish Club, 3:00 pm Gr 5-8 Study Hall

Thursday 11/29: 8:30am 7th Gr at Reconciliation, 8:45-2 6th Gr Field Trip to OMSI, 2:00 pm Chess Club, 2:15-4 pm Girl Scouts at St. Luke’s, 2:15 pm Intermediate/Advanced Band

Friday 11/30: End of 1st Trimester – Sports Themed Free Dress for All



Tuesday 11/20: Galbraith

Wednesday 11/21: Noon Dismissal

Thursday 11/22: Thanksgiving Day – No School

Friday 11/23: No School


Monday 11/26: Lairson

Tuesday 11/27: Proctor

Wednesday 11/28: Ramsperger-Burke

Thursday 11/29: Wolfe

Friday 11/30: Huffstutter

Playground Parents, please arrive at school by 11:25 am to sign in at the school office and pick up your clipboard and volunteer badge. As a reminder, we have returned to our lunch time schedule of “lunch first, recess second” for this school year. You can check the playground duty schedule at any time on SchoolSpeak by clicking on the “Playground Calendar” tab. Thank you for helping to keep our students safe on the playground!


Enjoy the weekly newscast .


Hello SJF parents!

Auction Season has begun and we are kicking off procurement donations. First up – we are looking for anchor items that the auction team can use to build a package around. An anchor item could be vacation homes, tickets to sporting and music events, premier restaurant vouchers, museum passes, Disneyland passes, airline tickets, etc. Please let us know if you, a family member or friend would like to donate. All donations are tax deductible and all proceeds go directly to SJF.

Thank you,

Jill Habrich and Morgan Savela


With the season of Advent about to begin, there is a lot of activity at the church that you won’t want to miss. Stay up to date with the attached Advent Activities calendar.


Chess Wizards will return to SJF for the winter session that will run from Jan. 17 – March 21. The class day and time will be Thursdays at 2:00 pm. Sign up information is on the attached flyer.


La Salle’s Yuletide Chess tournament is on Saturday, Dec. 8th. If you haven’t yet registered, there’s still time to catch the early-bird discount price. Online registration is at: There is a $5 discount for each co-registered sibling. Additional details are on the attached flyer.