Mission, Philosophy and SLE Poster


School Mission Statement

 St. John Fisher School, a Catholic community, partners with the family, the primary educators, in educating and developing the whole child to carry on the mission of Christ.                                                                

 School Philosophy

In the spirit of its Mission Statement, St. John Fisher School works with parents to:

  • create a Catholic community in which worship, Holy Mass, prayer, and service will build a relationship with Christ as a natural response to our faith.
  • provide and support a quality, student-centered, academic environment that encourages each child to develop as an engaged learner.
  • promote a sense of personal integrity, responsibility, and independence that further develops each child’s God-given talents in preparation for life.
  • prepare each child to take a Christ-like role in our 21st century.


Schoolwide Learning Expectations:

As a St. John Fisher student, I am an active Christian because:

  • I continue to explore and nurture my personal relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ.
  • I humbly live like Christ through prayer, action, and service.
  • I learn the teachings and practices of the Catholic faith.
  • I participate in my school and parish communities.

As a St. John Fisher student, I am an engaged learner because:

  • I possess a solid foundation in all academic subjects and have an appreciation for the arts.
  • I show organization, perseverance, and put forth my best effort in all my work. 
  • I think critically and solve problems by myself and with others.
  • I speak, write, and use technology to communicate effectively.
  • I have knowledge of my personal strengths and areas for growth.

As a St. John Fisher student, I am a responsible citizen because:

  • I value, respect, and celebrate the differences among God’s people.
  • I build positive relationships by showing compassion, good sportsmanship, and making safe and healthy choices.
  • I am aware of local, national, and global issues and positively contribute to my community.
  • I listen with respect, act justly, and walk humbly.