The mission of St. John Fisher School, a Catholic Community, is to partner with the family in educating and developing the whole child.



In the spirit of its Mission Statement, St. John Fisher School will:

  • foster a Catholic community in which worship, Holy Mass, prayer and service is a natural response to our faith that will prepare each child to take a Christ-like role in society.
  • plan and provide quality, student-centered, academic environment that encourages each child to develop as an engaged learner.
  • partner with the family, the primary educators of their children, to develop skills in preparation for life.
  • promote a sense of personal integrity, responsibility, and independence that further develops each child’s God-given talents.


Schoolwide Learning Expectations

As a St. John Fisher student, I am an active Christian because:

  • I continue to explore and nurture my personal relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ.
  • I live the values of Christ through prayer, action and service.
  • I learn the teachings and practices of the Catholic faith.
  • I participate in my school and parish communities.


As a St. John Fisher student, I am an engaged learner because:

  • I possess a solid foundation in all subjects.
  • I exhibit organization, responsibility and effort in all my work.
  • I think critically and solve problems independently and collaboratively.
  • I speak, write and use technology to communicate effectively
  • I possess knowledge of my personal strengths and areas for growth.


As a St. John Fisher student, I am a responsible citizen in my school, local and global environments because:

  • I value and respect the difference among God’s people.
  • I build positive relationships by demonstrating self-control, cooperation and responsible behavior.
  • I am cognizant of local, national and global issues and positively contribute to my community.
  • I listen with respect while working with others.