Staff Directory

You can reach staff by calling the school at 503.246.3234 and entering their extension numbers or through email.


Title Name Email Extension
Principal: Mrs. Merrit Holub 11
Office Administrator: Mrs. Michele Wasman 10
Academic Support: Mrs. Reyni Racklin 31
Kindergarten: Mrs. Bethany Lokken 21
Mr. Arden Albertini 21
First Grade: Mrs. Joanne Grenz 25
Mrs. Carrie McCarthy 25
Second Grade: Mrs. Darlene Sheridan 24
Mrs. Connie Loberg 24
Third Grade Sr Julie Doan 26
Mrs. Marian Dolan 26
Fourth Grade: Ms. Rita Schoenheit 23
Mrs. Danielle Wiest  23
Fifth Grade: Ms. Colleen Ronchelli 14
Sixth Grade: Mr. Nick Campagna 17
5-8 Science/ 7 Math: Mrs. Jennifer Willits 16
Seventh & Eighth Grade Religion: Deacon Scott Kolbet 30
Eighth Grade: Ms. Amy Lawrence 15
6th-8th Math: Mr. Scott Osborne 39
Library: Mrs. Margaret Burd 22
Music: Mr. Don Vecchione 27
PE/Health Mrs. Danielle Wiest 12
5-8 Spanish: Deacon Scott Kolbet  30
Technology Teacher: Mr. Pat Maher 18
Extended Care: Ms. Susan Robinson 503-246-1637
Ms. Lane Poncy 503-246-1637
Lunch Staff Ken Weston & Kris Arbaugh 29
Facilities Manager Mr. Jeff Sweeney 28