Student Life

Student Life

“There is a unity and bond that you don’t see in other schools.  Every teacher knows each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and their goal is to make sure each kid has the necessary tools in their tool belt to proceed onto high school and make a name for themselves out in the world.”  (graduate from 2012)

Student life is at the heart of St. John Fisher School.  The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a rich learning experience for the high achievement of all learners.


“St. John Fisher has provided me with the best suited teachers for each subject who challenge us, and push us every day.” (graduate from 2011)

The St. John Fisher faculty and staff provide an environment that supports high achievement for all students.  The faculty strive to implement challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum standards for all students.  Students are given a plethora of opportunities to grow in their faith, develop academically, and pursue their God-given talents.

St. John Fisher School has a planned curriculum program of instruction that ensures the opportunity for students to attain the essential learning skills in the following areas: Religion, Mathematics/Algebra, Technology, Reading/Literature, Earth/Life/Physical Science, Spanish, Writing/Composition, Physical Education, Music & Band, Social Science/History, Health Education, and Art Literacy.

In addition, there are a variety of elective options at the middle school level, such as Drama, Leadership, Book Club, Poetry, PE Mentoring, MakerSpace – 3D Printing, Oregon Battle of the Books, Science Lab Assistant, Art, and Music.


“At an early age, St. John Fisher gave me the foundation to think of others before myself.”  (graduate from 2011)

“Throughout my years at St. John Fisher, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to develop and grow with the new knowledge that I can make a difference in the world, even if it only starts with one person.”  (graduate from 2012)


Technology is integrated into student learning in all different subjects.  Students use desktop computers, and  Google Chromebooks in their classrooms.  First through eighth grade students attend computer class weekly.  Third through eighth grade students have Google accounts, which they use to create, communicate, and collaborate.  Gmail is included for fifth through eighth grades.


From drama productions to art projects, students at St. John Fisher are challenged to develop their artistic capabilities.  All students take music and extracurriculars such as drama, choir and band help complete a well-rounded art program.


“St. John Fisher’s Spanish program has given me the pleasure of learning a second language, but more importantly learning about another culture.”  (graduate from 2011)

Spanish instruction is provided within the academic day for students in grades 5-8.  Additionally, a Spanish Club is held after school for primary students to provide a culturally rich experience for all students.


The St. John Fisher library is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., staffed by Library Media Specialist, Margaret Burd, the library houses over 8,000 items which include books, periodicals, audiobooks, educational DVDs.

The beautiful library addition, which opened in 1996 features six student computers, a laser printer, and a color printer which are available for research, skills practice, internet searching and word processing. Grades 6-8 have access to the library during lunch recess four days per week. Lunch recess time may be used for quiet study, homework, make-up exams, research, reading, or board game playing.

Each week during library time, Grades K-5 enjoy literature appreciation, reading promotion, and learn basic library skills. Upper elementary students continue learning more in-depth library skills, research skills, report writing techniques and, of course, there is always a checkout time provided for all. Middle school students have access to the library during lunch recess or during class time as arranged by individual teachers/subjects.  Mrs. Burd collaborates with all teachers in order to meet the standards and connect with core curriculum.

Every visit to the school should include a stop into this bright and cheery space. With a circulation rate of more than 1,100 books each month, it is clear that the SJF students use and love their library!


“CYO gave me the chance to participate in a fair environment and an experience that structured me both physically and mentally for future play.”  (graduate from 2011)

St. John Fisher CYO athletics exist to provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities under conditions that are safe, enjoyable and promote Christian attitudes of fair play and cooperation.  CYO offers football, volleyball, swimming, basketball, and track and field.

All eligible youth are given the opportunity to participate with no “cuts”.  Participation, involvement and being able to play are far more important than winning a particular sport event or having the best win/loss. record. Developing the individual is the focus; the sport event is merely the tool.

Contact the current SJF athletic director for more information.


An enthusiastic parent and parish community supports the mission of St. John Fisher School, as evidenced through countless volunteer hours and personal involvement. This sense of commitment and dedication help make our school one of the finest in the state.